Since many dioceses have been unable to hold their Diocesan In-Services, the Subcommittee on Hispanic Affairs/V Encuentro is offering a national virtual event for all dioceses to connect and then break up into diocesan delegations for discussion.

The pastoral landscape of the Church and society has experienced seismic shifts this year, amid the continuing unfolding of the crises of the pandemic, the call for racial justice, the economy, and the continuing impact of global climate change. Our people are searching for ways to respond to these great challenges with limited resources in a spirit of synodality.

The purpose of this national event is to complete the 6th Milestone of the V Encuentro process:

  • visualize the future of Hispanic/Latino Ministry
  • help dioceses and organizations identify, create, or fine-tune their pastoral responses at the local level
  • rejoice in the fruits of the V Encuentro and our Catholic faith
  • be sent forth once again as joyful missionary disciples.
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The 6th milestone or phase in the 4-year V Encuentro process is “Regional and Diocesan In-Services”.

  • In this phase, the plan was for regions and then dioceses to gather together to:
    • present the Proceedings and Conclusions of the V Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry (P&C) document to their leaders
    • reflect on the reality of the Hispanic/Latino community
    • carry out a pastoral planning process to help them implement the findings in their dioceses
    • propose action steps that respond to the pastoral priorities
    • commit to advancing the New Evangelization, including the resource Creating a Culture of Encounter
    • celebrate the fruits of the V Encuentro process and our Catholic faith
    • provide the national V Encuentro team with their current and future pastoral priorities and responses to assist in the development of the renewed vision and national pastoral plan for Hispanic/Latino ministry.

The document Proceedings and Conclusions of the V Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry (P&C) provides a summary of the V Encuentro process and methodology, the keynotes of the National Event and the major findings of the entire consultation process to provide guidance for the development of pastoral responses at the national, regional, diocesan and local levels.  It includes the needs and situations, challenges and opportunities, hopes and dreams, gifts and talents, insights, recommendations, strategies, and successful practices for the pastoral care and accompaniment of the Hispanic / Latino people of the United States in our day.

You can buy a copy from the USCCB store in English or Spanish.

You can also see the e-resources for the P&C and view the document here:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many regions and most dioceses have not been able to hold their In-Services.

This virtual event is a modified Diocesan In-Service, open to all dioceses in the country, to facilitate this phase of the process.  It will take place on Friday, October 9, 2020, 7-10pm ET (4-7pm PT) and Saturday, October 10, 2020 12:30-8pm ET (9:30am-5pm PT). During the event there will be national webinar-style sessions and other sessions where participants will breakout by diocese for discussion.  On Friday there will also be a session specifically for a conversation between bishops and young adults.

Dioceses that want to participate can do so completely virtually or, if public health circumstances in their dioceses allow, some people could meet in person and others connect virtually in a hybrid event.

The national V Encuentro team is working to create an event that is not simply a Zoom session, but an Encuentro experience through technology.  There will be an application for phones and tablets where participants can connect before, during and after the event. It can also be viewed in a web browser on a computer. In the application they can chat with the other participants, create chat groups, post on the “social wall”, visit virtual exhibitor booths, view the entire agenda, access the sessions, view the information for the presentations, download documents, ask questions and more!

All participants in the Virtual In-Service must register through a diocese or a national organization.  Each diocese can then decide who to invite based on their needs and priorities.

Depending on the diocesan needs and priorities, you could invite: bishops, diocesan directors, parish staff (priests, religious, and laity), young adults, parish leaders, leaders of ecclesial movements, etc. Just like the entire V Encuentro process, it is open to everyone, Hispanics/Latinos and non-Hispanics/Latinos, those who speak English or Spanish, and every effort will be made to help everyone participate.

We highly recommend participating in the full event which will take place Friday evening and Saturday afternoon/evening. If you are unable to attend all the sessions you may still access the sessions you are available for.

However, we highly recommend trying to access the app at some point on Friday or Saturday morning to make sure you do not have any technical difficulties. We will have a team available for tech support from 12pm-7pm ET on Friday, Oct. 9th and from 9am to 5pm ET on Saturday, Oct. 10th.

Some dioceses are using this Virtual In-service to:

  • motivate once again and reconnect their diocesan leaders,
  • evaluate and fine-tune their pastoral plans and priorities in light of the current reality
  • follow the pastoral planning process to create a diocesan pastoral plan
  • involve new leaders who were not able to participate in the V Encuentro process (in September there will be videos for new leaders to learn all about the process)
  • collaborate with diocesan leaders and directors in different ministerial areas to implement pastoral plans
  • put together the pastoral responses and concrete actions they have already carried out and those they want to carry out in order to send them to the national team.

All participants in the Virtual In-Service must register through a diocese or a national organization.  The diocesan V Encuentro chairs have received a link to register and an Excel file to enter the participants’ information.  Registration will only be open from September 7th to 28th. Dioceses will be able to pay online by credit card or mail a check.

The registration cost per diocese is $250 which will help cover the costs of the application, the platform for the national sessions and the staff that the national team has hired to help in the preparation and during the virtual event.

The $250 provides the diocese with a limited number of virtual connections – a minimum of 20 connections for all dioceses up to a maximum of twice the number of delegates that attended the 2018 national event.  If a diocese wants to have a hybrid event, there could be a group that meets in person and shares a single connection.  Dioceses could also request extra connections for $ 5/connection if there is space.  (The virtual event can only have a maximum of 10,000 connections)

If you would like to register as part of your diocesan delegation, please contact your Diocesan V Encuentro Chair to find out more.

The Diocesan V Encuentro chair will need to:

  • choose a diocesan technology coordinator to manage the technology for the diocesan breakouts.  The national team will contact them and provide them training and technical support.
  • choose how many small groups they will have (virtually and in-person if a hybrid event).  We recommend small groups have between 7 and 10 people in them, but they may choose how to divide participants.
  • choose a facilitator for each small group discussion.  If there is a group meeting in person, they will also need a facilitator. The national team will contact them and provide them training.
  • collect the names and email for the individuals or groups who will be using each virtual connection.
  • send all the information on the Excel sheets that were sent to them in the Diocesan Registration Packet.

Each diocese will also need to cover some expenses that may arise at the local level as well.  For example, each diocese has to provide a Zoom link or other live streaming platform for the diocesan breakout session (eg, Streamable, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Wistia).  Also, if you are going to have a hybrid event (with some people meeting in person) you will need to have a camera or computer for the live stream as well as in-person facilitators.

The Bishops have received a personal invitation to this event from the USCCB, but they will need to register through the Diocesan V Encuentro chair.

Three sessions that might be of particular interest to them are the Young Adult Conversations with Bishops on Friday, Oct. 9th 8:30-9:30pm ET and the Diocesan Breakout sessions on Sat. Oct 10th 2:25-3:30pm ET and 4:35-6pm ET.

The role of the bishops during the Young Adult conversation is just to listen and interact with with young adults.  They do not need to prepare any specific remarks.

The role of the bishops during the diocesan breakout sessions will be different depending on what stage of pastoral planning the dioceses is in and what their goals are for this event.

We would like to know which bishops plan to attend all or some of the event.  If they are unable to attend, please ask if they can appoint a representative. The Diocesan V Encuentro chair has been asked to enter this information on the Excel file named “Diocesan Registration Information”.

One of the favorite parts of the V National Encuentro event for many participants and bishops was the Young Adult Dinner.  It was a time for informal conversation between bishops and young adults over dinner.

We would like to recreate that experience during this virtual event. Bishops and young adults are invited to connect to this session and they will be divided into small groups for an informal conversation. There will be some discussion questions for the young adults to get the conversations started.  Young adult ministers are invited to attend as facilitators or observers.

Let your Diocesan V Encuentro chair know if you are interested in participating in this session.  There will be other programs going simultaneously for the other participants.

This event is separate form the Journeying Together process as this conversation is for participants of the V Encuentro process.

This is not the end of the V Encuentro.  As the formal V Encuentro process transitions into its implementation phase, it is clear that the numerous initiatives emanating from it show the enthusiasm and vibrancy of the Church. So the V Encuentro is not ending. The four years that included consultation and development of pastoral responses are coming to an end.

If you would like to find out if your dioceses is participating or be part of your diocesan delegation, please contact your Diocesan V Encuentro Chair.  If you’re not sure who that is, contact our Registration Coordinator, Patti Gutiérrez at

If you are a Diocesan V Encuentro Chair with questions about the registration process, please contact our Registration Coordinator, Patti Gutiérrez at

If you are interested in being a sponsor of this event or having a virtual exhibitor booth, please see the details below.

All other questions can be sent to

An email is required to access the event via the mobile app and to use all of the features within the mobile app. Below you will find instructions to assist your participants in creating a Gmail account. They can also use a relative’s email account who can assist them in logging in to the mobile app.

Speakers, Prayer leaders & MCs

More being added soon!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Archbishop Nelson Pérez

Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Chairman of USCCB Cultural Diversity

Opening prayer & welcoming remarks

Alejandro Aguilera-Titus

Director of the V Encuentro and the USCCB’s Assistant Director of Hispanic Affairs

Prayer leader

Young Adult Conversation

Jessica Maciel Hernández

Coordinator of Hispanic Youth Ministry,Diocese of Des Moines


Luis Peña

Outreach Coordinator and assistant to the Director for the Office of Hispanic Ministry for the Archdiocese of New York

Master of Ceremonies

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Bishop Arturo Cepeda

Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit, Chairman of USCCB Subcommittee on Hispanic Affairs

Welcoming remarks

Sr. Teresa Maya, CCVI

Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word and past President of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)

Visualizing Hispanic/Latino Ministry in the current context of COVID-19, Racial Justice and economic crises…and beyond

Armando Cervantes

Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Orange and Organizational Relations Manager for the V Encuentro Youth and Young Adult Leadership Initiative

Master of Ceremonies

Archbishop José H. Gómez

Archdiocese of Los Angeles, President of the USCCB

Presider and homilist


Friday, October 9, 2020 7-10 pm ET (All Virtual) Welcome, Prayer, and Young Adult Conversations

12-7 pm ET                  Onboarding and Technical Support (Pop in when you can)
7-8 pm ET                    Time to Visit Exhibits
7:55 pm ET                  Nuestra Alegría Video
8:00 pm ET                  Welcome and Opening Remarks- Archbishop Nelson Pérez
8:10 pm ET                  Prayer– Lectio Divina
8:30 pm ET                  Conversation between Bishops and Young Adults

8:30 pm ET                  Padrinos Events

          • Oregon Catholic Press: Walking Together (Bilingual) Pedro Rubalcava will host a night of prayer, music and conversation with pastors and music ministers from around the country to reflect how we, as Hispanic leaders, can walk through these turbulent times together and continue on the path set by the V Encuentro.
          • Loyola Press: Forming Ministers of God’s Love: Catholic Parenting in the Domestic Church (Spanish)- with Dr. Dora Tobar.
          • Catholic Relief Services: (Spanish or English – choose your language)
          • Our Sunday Visitor: “OSV Como Padrinos de V Encuentro”(Spanish)- With Domingo Betancourt. El “Padrino” es un término querido y tiene un significado profundo en nuestra cultura. Ser seleccionado como Padrino conlleva mucha responsabilidad en nuestras familias e iglesia. Presentaremos el tema de ser un buen “Padrino” con los valores organizativos de OSV, que apoyan el V Encuentro y como es que continuaremos apoyando las diócesis y parroquias visualizar el futuro del ministerio hispano / latino en los EEUU como discípulos misioneros.

9:30 pm ET                  Social/Convivencia

Saturday, October 10, 2020 Virtual (V) or Hybrid(H) 

9:00 am – 5 pm ET      Onboarding and Technical Support (V)
12:30 pm ET                Time to Visit Exhibits (V) and on-site Registration (H)
1:30 pm ET                  Opening Prayer (V,H)
1:50 pm ET                  Welcome- Bishop Arturo Cepeda (V)
1:55 pm ET                   Message from Pope Francis for 2018 National Event
2:00 pm ET                  Moment 1:
Visualizing Hispanic/Latino Ministry in the current context of COVID-19, Racial Justice and economic crises…and beyond – Sr. Teresa Maya, CCVI
2:15pm ET                   Send to Breakouts (Instructions)
2:25 pm ET                  Breakouts by Diocese: Visualizing the Future of Hispanic/Latino Ministry (V,H)
3:00 pm ET                  Plenary in each Diocese (V, H)
3:30 pm ET                  Break and Time to Visit Exhibits (V,H)
4:10 pm ET                  Moment 2: Accompaniment and Pastoral Conversion Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio (pre-recorded-To be confirmed)
4:20 pm ET                  Orientation on Pastoral Planning
4:25 pm ET                  Send to Breakouts
4:35 pm ET                  Breakouts by Diocese: Fine-tuning Pastoral Priorities (V,H)
5:45 pm ET                 Break and Time to Visit Exhibits
6:45 pm ET                 Closing Remarks and Raffle
7:00 pm ET                 Moment 3: Celebration of the Eucharist (V,H) Presider and Homilist Archbishop José H. Gómez



This is an opportunity for your organization to receive exposure and to join other organizations that serve and are committed to Hispanic/Latino ministry in the United States. We will be publishing our event in an App that will be available via mobile device, tablet and desktop browser.

For more information about this event or if you have any questions, please contact our Exhibitor Coordinator, Maria Fernanda Quintero at  Exhibitors are asked to submit their registration form by September 28, 2020.

Our exhibitor pricing for the event is $250 and includes the following:

  • Virtual Exhibit Booth listed under Exhibitors with your logo
  • 2 action buttons- (receive participant contact info, schedule a meeting button, link to a live stream with a representative in a zoom room*, enter a raffle/giveaway, survey, link to a pre-recorded presentation/video) Buttons are fully customizable.
  • 5 live links- product/promotional item, website, or Live stream link*, social media, etc.
  • Overview of your company/organization
  • 5 exhibiting staff connections to our Hispanic Ministry Events App

Exhibit Times are the following:

· Friday, October 9, 2020
7-8 pm ET

· Saturday, October 10, 2020
12:30 – 1:30 pm ET
3:30 – 4:10 pm ET
5:45 – 6:45 pm ET

*Zoom room capacity is limited by your own company’s Zoom room capacity. We anticipate 3,000-5,000 participants and you will need to set your own limits for how many participants can engage with you during Exhibit time based on your organization’s capacity and budget. You may also choose another live stream option or video conference connection. You need to provide a streaming url link.


We ask you to consider a donation given the economic impact that COVID-19 is having on Hispanic/Latino Ministry. Through your sponsorship, your organization can provide a donation to help us cover the technical costs of the event or provide scholarships to dioceses in need.

If you are interested in being one of our official event sponsors, please reach out to our Sponsor Coordinator, Orianna Bardales at by October 4, 2020. On behalf of the V Encuentro we thank you for your support.  See below what each level of sponsorship includes.