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Regional and National Statistical Summaries of the Consultation

Do you want to find out more about the V Encuentro in your region and compare it to what was accomplished nationwide?

Download the regional summaries below to find out!

V Encuentro Key National Demographic, Social, and Religious Statistics

One of the goals of the V Encuentro consultation was to equip pastoral leaders at the diocesan, regional, and national levels with a better understanding of the Catholic population they are called to serve. The following document provides a national-level summary of the demographic, social, and religious findings.

V Encuentro Key Demographic, Social, and Religious Statistics by Diocese and Region

Following the format of the national report, the V Encuentro National Research Team has prepared summaries of the key demographic, social, and religious statistics for every Latin Rite Catholic diocese and episcopal region in the United States. The diocesan and regional reports are available on our website at:

Diocesan Encuentros 05-21-2018

Visit each Regional page to view statistics and download PDF Piktograms for each Region.


The reports above were prepared by the USCCB’s V Encuentro Research Team, employing a ground-breaking model for accurately estimating the Catholic population in every diocese in the United States by race/ethnicity and age group. This approach has been widely recognized for its innovative use of the best survey data to generate a level of detail that was never before possible. If you would like to know more about how this was done, please review the Methodological Statement, linked below.

Download the Letter to the Bishops

Consultation Results

Proceedings and Conclusions of the V National Encuentro

Through the pages of these Proceedings and Conclusions, you are invited to enter into the experience of the Five Moments of the V Encuentro National Event that brought the consultation process to a conclusion: Taking the First Step, Getting Involved, Accompanying, Bearing Fruit, and Rejoicing. These are the steps that our Holy Father Pope Francis has identified to help every one of us to embrace and experience what it means to be a Church that goes forth in joy to evangelize the spiritual and existential peripheries of the world. What you will find in these pages is a summary of the needs and situations, challenges and opportunities, hopes and dreams, gifts and talents, insights, recommendations, strategies, and successful practices for the pastoral care and accompaniment of the Hispanic / Latino people of the United States in our day.

NCCYM Presentation/NFCYM Webinar

On December 8, 2018 Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, Ken Johnson-Mondragón, and Dr. Patricia Jiménez presented some of the V Encuentro consultation findings related to youth and young adults at The National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry in Tampa, Fl. A condensed version of the presentation was also presented on January 16, 2019 as an NFCYM webinar.

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National Event Working Document

This document is the fruit of the missionary action, consultation, prayer and reflection of the Church that goes forth, embodied in the commitment and considerable efforts of more than 140,000 missionary disciples, each one of them a witness of God’s love. It was utilized for reflection and discussion during the National Event in September 2018.

Early Fruits of the V Encuentro Process

Without a doubt, the V Encuentro consultation and missionary activities have empowered our Catholic faithful to reach out with love and compassion to neighbors in need, and to stretch their capacity for leadership, organization, and the use of technology to extend the mission of the Church. It has not always been easy, but the benefits are hard to miss:

  • There is an increased awareness of the presence and needs of Hispanic Catholics among the clergy and diocesan staff.
  • Dioceses are seeing major improvements in the attitudes and concern for Hispanic Catholics, starting with greater engagement from the Bishop.
  • New pastoral initiatives are evolving and there is greater collaboration with other diocesan offices, especially Catechesis/Evangelization and Youth & Young Adult Ministry.

As one leader in the Diocese of Jefferson City so eloquently put it,

People who were alienated from the parish have come closer. People who have never led a group, now feel a desire to share their gifts. The communities and leaders with more experience are realizing that there is great potential in individuals who they have never considered or really seen before.” Glory to God!

Diocesan Early Results

Pictogram of Early Results in Participating Dioceses- EN | SP

PowerPoint of Diocesan Survey Early Results- EN | SP

Youth and Young Adult Early Results

Youth and Young Adult Early Responses- EN | SP

PowerPoint of Youth and Young Adult Consultation – EN | SP

Ken Johnson-Mondragón

Research Coordinator

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