On August 29-30, 2016, RECOSS- Region XI Commission for the Spanish Speaking, held its biannual meeting at Christ The King Retreat Center in Citrus Heights, CA., just outside the city of Sacramento. Most dioceses were present with their designated representatives who reported where they were in the process of the V Encuentro. Each representative shared their particular situation in their diocese as well as their strategies and challenges.

There was an intense discussion on how Region XI will implement the process of the V Encuentro using concrete and practical approaches in an unified region-wide effort and how the process could be applied considering the language preferences and reality of today’s young people. There was widespread agreement of wanting to unify efforts for implementing the process, all the while respecting the methodology and the proposed content and themes of the Guide of the V Encuentro.

Reports were submitted by the finance and new media committees. Fundraising efforts still need to be finalized and are in need of help and talent from people who are experts or have experience in this area. New media promoted RECOSS’ Facebook page as a platform for information and support.  A private group was also created on Facebook for all designated to represent the new media in each of the dioceses and to use that forum for educational spaces, sharing links, discussion, creativity, ideas, and projects. They also created a space through Google Drive to work on common projects even at a distance. Each diocese was asked to present their communications needs and proposed strategie for RECOSS’ new media projects. They reported that they are generating video, graphics, photographs, and articles for reporting V Encuentro Events, sharing the historical memory in the region, educating and training in media, and providing educational and pastoral resources that support Region XI.

RECOSS also selected the venue for the regional meeting of the V Meeting and the majority voted for Fresno, CA., however some details still need to be defined. The gathering also included regional reports on the Seminario Hispano led by LMU and critical political issues affecting California. The meeting maintained a spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm towards the V Encuentro.

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