With the joy of Easter, we enter into one of the seasons that we live with the most emotion in our parishes. Every year, each parish is renewed by the hope that comes with the children who receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time. This moment is the culmination for which families, catechists, and the community have prepared for several years. We celebrate the most important sacrament that Jesus and the Church handed down to us. We break bread with a new generation to whom we have passed on the values and most prized gifts of our faith.

Boys and girls experience their First Holy Communion with pride and gratitude, as do the parents, sponsors, and catechists. At Loyola Press, we live proudly too. When we presented the new edition of God’s Gift, our objective was to offer, in a pleasant yet strong way, the complete teaching of the Catholic Church. We always keep in mind that this presentation of our faith will live on forever in the hearts of each boy and girl. We want each page to inspire them to conduct themselves in the world as reflections of Jesus in all that they do. We want them to reflect on their everyday deeds and to know how to find consolation in the forgiveness that Jesus offers us when we make a wrong choice. We want to help them stay near Jesus and learn the language of prayer, the same prayers that their parents, grandparents and generations before having used to communicate with Jesus. But we have wanted to do this as children of our times by including visual and technological elements to which the new generations can relate. The power of voice and image accompany the books through a collection of videos that help catechists explain the faith effectively and children understand it.

For Loyola Press, it is especially a point of pride to make it possible for all children to be able to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus. The energy and determination that made possible the development of the Adaptive Kits for Reconciliation and First Communion are some of the accomplishments that make us feel closer to Jesus. We were able to make his Word, his Body, and his Blood, reach a whole group that for too long was neglected. The pride and gratitude of these children are also ours.

For all these children, Pope Francis has left the gift of his direct teaching. The questions our children ask us about our faith are always important. In his book Dear Pope Francis, he himself responds with warmth, respect, and exactitude to questions from children all over the world. Never before had a pope responded to children’s questions, many of which were quite difficult! Knowing that we all need to cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus from an early age, Pope Francis has not doubted in his care for this need by inspiring children to actively maintain their sense of curiosity. Our hope is that families will also feel inspired to talk about the faith in this Easter season, even in the midst of their daily responsibilities.