On December 1, 1934, in Lockhart, Texas, I was born to Pablo Erevia and Angela Montalvo the sixth of seven daughters: Theresa, Virginia, Jane, Hortencia, Pauline, Angela, and María, and one son: Santos Socorro. I grew up in a barrio. By culture we were Mexican, German, African American, Polish, and Czech. By religion we were Catholics and Protestants. We formed God’s living mosaic!

SrAngelaFlagAs Catholics, we had a tremendous influence on other families especially the children who were my peers. They wanted to be part of our religious family life by joining us in praying the rosary, offering flowers to Mary during the month of May, honoring the Mother of God and Mother of Jesus through popular devotions, participating in religious education, and going to Mass and holy hours with Benediction.

Our Catholic faith was celebrated through home cultural traditions and the veneration of religious symbols, all part of our popular religiosity: Bautismos, bodas, velorios, funerales, novenarios, and cumpleañosPromesas y mandas a María y a los santos andperegrinaciones were all part of my Catholic home life. We knew the value and the importance of the Sacraments especially the Eucharist. It was very special for us to go to Church on Sundays and holy days. Our family and church celebrations gave me a sense of the Sacred in our lives: God was among us His people!

On July 10, 1949, I entered the Religious Congregation of the Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence based San Antonio, Texas, and made my religious profession of vows in 1955. Since then I have served the Church at all levels of pastoral ministry – parish, diocesan, regional, national, and international. I have served on various USCCB committees and national projects. The most popular publications on quince años have been published through my religious congregation. I have received several honors for my contributions to Hispanic ministry in the United States. Presently I am the director of the Hispanic Ministry Office for the Diocese of Dodge City in Southwest Kansas and the co-chair for ENAHVE of Region IX: the Heartland States which includes 15 dioceses of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

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