Meet Enrique Calderon

Region 3

Enrique Calderon arrived in Newark, New Jersey in 1970. In 1973, he participated in a Cursillo experience and since then, has been working for the community, which back then, was part of St. Bridgette’s Parish in Newark with the pastor, Fr. W. Reylli.

Since then, he has been involved in different activities at both the parish and the diocesan level. Currently, he is a member and teacher of the Leader School for the Cursillo movement and serves on the Parish Council and as a lector at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Newark.

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Enrique is retired, having dedicated many years of work to the pharmaceutical company, Hoffman La Roche. He spends the majority of his time involved in parish activities and with his six grandchildren who keep him very busy and very happy, as does his wife, Minerva.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to be part of the V Encuentro. My greatest hope is to see a truly unified and committed Church where we all feel part of the same body, where we all seek the same ideal of holiness.”

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