Carina Maysenhalder was born in San Francisco, California. She has attended Catholic schools her entire life, and is currently a sophomore at Santa Clara University. At Santa Clara she is working towards a degree in Economics, which she looks to use aiding various non-profit organizations.

Carina’s Salvadoran descent on both her mother and father’s side, knowledge of the Spanish language, and Catholic background are a great fit for assisting with the V Encuentro. She loves helping others, particularly those who can provide little in return. She has previously volunteered for organizations such as Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity.  In her free time she volunteers as a tutor for children in both Spanish and English languages at Luther Burbank Elementary School. Carina cannot wait to see what results unfold from a strong community of persons working together to carry out God’s message.

“My hope is that everyone involved in the V Encuentro process benefits in some way, and that the number of leaders grows along with it.”

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