Encuentro Timeline

2014 – Preliminary Planning

Forming & Training National & Episcopal Regional Team; Development of catechetical & consultation process.

ENAVE-Creation & 1st Meetings
ENAHVE – Establish structure, roles, framework, etc
Raíces y Alas Conference- Episcopal Regional Teams Orientation
Guide on Encuentro Process is Printed & Distributed.

2015 – Formation & Training of Episcopal Regional Teams/ Leadership

Formation and Training Episcopal Regional Teams

ENAVE Meeting and Training of Episcopal Region Representatives (February 12-14)
Formation of Episcopal Regional Teams through a Process of Encuentro
VIII World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia, PA – September 22-27, 2015
Episcopal Regional Encuentro Gatherings and Introduction to Forming Diocesan Teams


  1.  To introduce the Episcopal Regional Team and Diocesan Representatives to an experience of Encuentro
  2. To introduce participants to the forming of Diocesan Teams

2016 – Formation and Training of Diocesan and Parish Teams

Formation and Training of Diocesan Teams and Leadership

Selection of Diocesan Team Members should be completed by January 31, 2015.

ENAHVE & ERAHVE Chairs Meeting
February 29 – March 1, 2015
Anaheim, CA

Meeting of the National Team of Accompaniment and Episcopal Regional Chairs

Introduction of Encuentro Experience and Formation of Diocesan Teams 

Diocesan Teams are formed by February of 2016.

Diocesan Teams are introduced to an experience of Encuentro and begin the leadership training.

World Youth Day – Krakow, Poland – July 26-31
Diocesan Gathering on the Encuentro Experience

Diocesan Team with representatives from parishes, lay ecclesial movements, Catholic schools, universities and other significant ministries will be introduced to an experience of Encuentro.

Participants will be introduced to the forming of Local Teams.

ENAHVE Fall Meeting


The National Team of Accompaniment gathers to prepare and plan for the National Event.

V Encuentro Process Guide is Printed and Distributed

2017 – Parish and Diocesan Encuentros

Projected Beginning of V Encuentro Process at the Parish and Diocesan Levels

Parish, ecclesial movements, ministries, etc. participate in the V Encuentro process that leads to a Parish Encuentro. 
Diocesan Encuentros

2018 – Episcopal Regional Encuentros & V Encuentro National Event

Episcopal Regional Encuentros and National Encuentro

Episcopal Regional Encuentros  
V Encuentro National Event

September 20-23, 2018

Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center

Grapevine, TX

2019 – Concluding Document and Post V Encuentro Gatherings

Production and Distribution of V Encuentro Concluding Document
Regional Post V Encuentro Gatherings on the Concluding Document
Diocesan Post V Encuentro Gatherings on the Concluding Document
Parish Level Post V Encuentro Gatherings on the Concluding Document

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