Encuentro Timeline

2014 – Preliminary Planning

Forming & Training National & Episcopal Regional Team; Development of catechetical & consultation process.

ENAVE-Creation & 1st Meetings

2015 – Formation & Training of Episcopal Regional Teams/ Leadership

Formation and Training Episcopal Regional Teams

ENAVE Meeting and Training of Episcopal Region Representatives (February 12-14)

2016 – Formation and Training of Diocesan and Parish Teams

Formation and Training of Diocesan Teams and Leadership

ENAHVE & ERAHVE Chairs Meeting
February 29 – March 1, 2015
Anaheim, CA

Meeting of the National Team of Accompaniment and Episcopal Regional Chairs

2017 – Parish and Diocesan Encuentros

Projected Beginning of V Encuentro Process at the Parish and Diocesan Levels

Parish, ecclesial movements, ministries, etc. participate in the V Encuentro process that leads to a Parish Encuentro. 

2018 – Episcopal Regional Encuentros & V Encuentro National Event

Episcopal Regional Encuentros and National Encuentro

Episcopal Regional Encuentros  

2019 – Concluding Document and Post V Encuentro Gatherings

Production and Distribution of V Encuentro Concluding Document

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